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What Happened To Theka Coffee After Shark Tank India?


Sep 1, 2023

Theka Coffee Appeared in Shark Tank India Season 1 Episode 26 is a 100% pure coffee manufacturing brand that sells to the user through its bottle. The founder of Theka Coffee has demanded 50 lakhs in exchange for a 10% share of his company in Shark Tank India.

What is Theka Coffee?

Theka Coffee is a unique and creative brand that makes a different type of coffee. The founder drinks a lot of coffee and he has drunk a lot of coffees like American Coffee, Cappuccino. That’s why he, through his own creativity and research, created this Theka Coffee which tastes much better than other coffees.

This is a handmade product that is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans which tastes amazing.

Theka Coffee Shark Tank India Update

Company NameTheka Coffee
FounderBhupinder Madaan
ProductShelf-life of kegs, handmade products, 100% arabica beans
Asked For₹50 Lakhs for 10% Equity
Final DealNo Deal’s
SharkNo Shark
Episode (Shark Tank India)Season 1 Episode 26
Business StatusIn Business
Net Worth/Valuation₹ Crores

The Fall And Rise Of Theka Coffee

Like many other food brands and restaurants, Theka Coffee also bore the brunt of the prolonged COVID-19 lockdown. Its sales dropped drastically from ₹180 lakhs to ₹30 lakhs. Running out of debt, he had to shut down all his 14 outlets in June 2020. But then Shark Tank came into the scene. By making his presence in the show, Bhupinder earned immense fame for Theka Coffee. He couldn’t bag the investment he was expecting from the show but his brand got recognition. Now, Theka Coffee has outlets in Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Indore and Delhi.

Theka Coffee Franchise Cost

Theka Coffee’s franchise cost/ franchise fee is around INR 2,00,000+ GST. The minimum area required should be around 150 sq ft. Since the business will take place on a cart and not on the store so there will be no expense in the form of rent. The company will not charge any Royalty fee on sales. 

The Return on Investment, on the other hand is 6 months according to the official website of the company. Interested entrepreneurs should expect to make an investment of at least INR 15,00,000 to open up a Theka Coffee franchise as revealed on the official website. All in all, it seems to be an affordable option to carry out a business of your own. 

Total Investment Required for a Theka Coffee Franchise

The investment starts from INR 15 lacs. However, the company is not charging any Royalty fee and since the business will be operating in a cart there will be no headache on paying rents as well. Interested entrepreneurs can enquire about its franchise by applying for a enquiry application form from their official website. 

You may be able to open up multiple Thekas in case your investment amount is higher than 30 lacs. It should be in different locations so that your stall is able to make decent sales per day. The company has got a unique yet innovative way of brewing coffee that can be prepared in less than a minute. 

Requirements to get a Theka Coffee franchise

  • Space: A minimum floor area of 150 sq ft and a cart
  • Manpower: Kitchen chef, 2 Representatives 
  • Operational capital: Maximum 5 lacs

Is Theka Coffee Franchise Profitable?

Theka Coffee Price

Theka Coffee is a profitable business as the company has had huge sales in the past couple of years. It was after the pandemic when the company’s sales were low but it has made good progress since then. However, with an initial investment of INR 15 lacs, Theka Coffee chain may offer an outstanding profit margin to its stakeholders and franchisees and one may even anticipate an exceptional gross profit margin of 35-40% and a net profit margin of 20-22%. 

Theka Coffee Menu

PALANGTOD (Rs 125/-)

Very Dark Roasted Bean
Strong and Dark to keep you palangtod
day and night.

NEXT LEVEL (Rs 125/-)

Medium Roasted Bean
It is a special blend, a level above normal
created specially for Ahmedabad’s
signature taste.


Light Roasted Bean
It’s Young, It’s Fresh with a lot of naughtiness

WHO’s THE GABRU? (RS 120/-)

Black Coffee
Page Palat!

KALA-GORA (RS 120/-)

Ice-Cream Topped with cold brew
will rock you


Red-Bull with cold brew
Pina mat zyada energy aa jaegi!


Pop-Corn Flavoured Coffee
Take it to your next corner seat!

DESI SANTRA (Rs 150/-)

Orange Flavoured Coffee
Iski Hit Alag Hai!

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