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Tom Oar Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Mountain Men


Aug 17, 2023

Tom Oar Biography:

Tom Oar is an American TV star who is famous from History Channel Show “Mountain Men”. He is 70 years old and has lived most of his life in a remote area of Montana’s Yaak Valley remaining completely isolated from using the modern technologies. Tom completely depends what nature provides to his family and believes his two hands to make a way of living. So, Who is Tom Oar?

He is a 70 years old person who was born in Illinois. His father was Chike Oar who worked for Wild West show for earnings. His story is quiet interesting, Tom and his wife Nancy always wanted to move to Montana and build a log house. They bought an acre-and-a-half that had a little two room log cabin on it and it took five years to build them. They have been living in that house for nearly 34 years. Currently, he is on fame after being a part of history channel series “Mountain Men” along with Eustace Conway and Morgan Beasley. This series mainly shows the life of American people who decided to live as true American originals remaining completely off the grid.

Tom Oar Wife

Tom is married to Nancy Oar. They are a perfect couple and have lived their life more than 40 years together on a mountain. They first met when Tom was a bronco driver. In an interview, Nancy Oar said that they have lived without electricity and running water for nearly 17 years. They also lived 50 miles far from the nearest grocery store. Tom spends his days tanning deer hides while Nancy likes to kill chickens for dinner.

Tom Oar Net Worth

Tom Oar net worth is estimated to be around $200 thousand. He get that amount of money after his appearance in TV show “Mountain Men”.

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