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Slim Jesus Net Worth, Girlfriend and Songs


Sep 12, 2023

Slim Jesus Net Worth: As of 2017, Slim Jesus Net Worth is estimated to be around $300,000. An American rapper, Slim Jesus embarked his music career with release of single, Drill Time in 2015 and gained a lot of buzz from that single.

Slim Jesus, born on April 10, 1997 in Hamilton, Ohio as Easton Philips, was raised by his mother Irene Brown.  From his young age, he interest in music compelled him to learn rap and began rapping. He was crafting his rapping for years before the release of his single, Drill Time in 2015. The single, Drill Time was initially released on Soundcloud on July 15, 2015 and later on it was released with music video on Youtube which eventually became viral within short period of time. The same year, Buck Buck was released. With these tracks, he gained a lot of buzz and became eminent as a rapper.

Following the success of single, Drill Time, he unleashed eight tracks project, Gangsta in 2016. The same year, he dropped tracks: Traffic, On the Block which garnered million plays on online platforms. In 2017, he released three projects: Young Pappy, 22 Savage, The Most Hated. His music releases have been garnering a lot of buzz. Over the years, he has been part of several tours and events. He had toured the US and Canada on the Young & Ignorant tour following his viral hit single, Drill Time. He has been part of collaboration tracks over the years. He has worked with artists: Montana of 300, Dae Dae, Kodak Black, Lil Mouse, Chief Keef.

His quick and angry rapping style is mainly focus on drill. Since his popularity, he has been earning notable amount from his music releases and concert performances. In addition, he  may have made earnings from online platforms.

Slim Jesus Net Worth Timeline

Slim Jesus Net Worth in 2015Not known
Slim Jesus Net Worth in 2016$200,000
Slim Jesus Net Worth in 2017$300,000

 Slim Jesus Girlfriend

It is unknown about his personal life in detail. It seems like he is single.

Slim Jesus popular songs

Drill Time, Buck Buck, Traffic, On the Block, Warning Shots

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