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Roman Atwood Net Worth: 5 Facts you need to know


Aug 27, 2023

Roman Atwood is an Internet Celebrity in short. The  American National is famously known as an Youtube personality. He is also a comedian, pranker and one of the best video blogger in the internet. Roman Atwood publishes vlogs about his daily life updates.

Roman Atwood was born to Curt Dale Atwood and Susan Atwood in Millersport Ohio. He was born on May 28, 1983. Roman married Shanna Riley but later divorced her. He has a son named Noah Vaughn Atwood from Shanna.

Atwood currently lives with his partner Brittney Smith. They have a son and a daughter together.

Roman Atwood Net Worth Facts you need to know

1. Roman Atwood Net Worth addition from YouTube

Roman Atwood started his YouTube Pranking channel RomanAtwood since 2009. Later he created another YouTube channel  RomanAtwoodVblog which updates his life experience and occasions. His followers are growing day to day.

Some of Roman’s famous Pranks are Plastic Ball Prank, Killing my Baby Prank, Anniversary Prank etc.

At the time of publishing this article he had 13,090,569 subscribers in his vblog and 10,480,192 on the prank channel. and he has published around 1400 videos counting both the channels. This means a massive visits are coming to his videos in YouTube channel.

In 2016, Roman Atwood earned $8 million from YouTube. His earnings are growing in a higher rates in the recent years.

2.Roman Atwood in Advertisement

Roman Atwood does videos assisting the advertisements sometime. In 2015, Atwood made a prank video which assist the Nisan Superbowl 2015 TV Commercial. In this video Roman and children with the help of some other people, turn Roman’s house into a giant ball pit which ultimately was a surprise for his wife. Later in this video Roman Atwood asks to see Nissan’s awesome commercial during the big game.

3. Roman Atwood House

Roman Atwood has a house in Ohio. The house is inside a greenery compound inside a white fench. His house is on the side of a passing road.

Several people have reported that a police man always stays around his house. You cannot stop near his house due to security reasons. The house of Roman Atwood worth about $ 350000.

A twitter account reveled this precious image along with the google coordinate of the house in December 2015.

4. Roman Atwood Car

Roman Atwood might be driving GTR R-35 currently. The car is worth around $111,585. But it was a gift to Roman.

Roman Atwood once decided to gift his dad his dream car on his birthday. So he took his dad to the car dealership and asked to pick out any Corvet he wanted. His father didn’t believe him thinking it was a prank. But Roman wasn’t pranking his dad.

5. Roman Atwood Net Worth

Roman Atwood was ranked as the second Highest Paid YouTubers in 2016 by Forbes. Forbes disclosed his earning were $8 Million.

We estimate Roman Atwood Net Worth is around $30 Million. The sources to have this massive net worth are the YouTube activities, his charm in other social media, advertisement partners, activities like Smile More etc. Roman was involved in producing film called Natural Born Pranksters, but that didn’t pay well.

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