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Night Lovell Bio, Net Worth


Sep 10, 2023

night lovell

Night Lovell Bio and Net Worth :As of 2017, Night Lovell net worth is estimated to be around $125,000. A Hip-hop/Rapper, Songwriter and producer, Night Lovell began posting his music on Souncloud in 2014 and got recognition from the single, Fraud and mixtape, Concept Vague.

Night Lovell, born on May 29, 1997 in Ottawa, Canada as Shermar Paul, was interested in music since childhood as he was exposed to music and music instrument like Electronic Keyboard. In his teenage, he discovered his rapping and music producing talent and began recording his songs on his own beat.

In 2014, he released his first mixtape, Concept Vague which consists of fifteen tracks. Out of fifteen tracks, Dark Light, Deira City Centre, Trees Of the Valley, Concept Nothing were the standout track which received notable play on online platforms. His first mixtape got huge attention from all around and receive praise. After the release of single, Fraud in 2015, he became eminent as rap artist. From this point of time, his career took the new height in rap world. In 2016, he dropped his second mixtape, Red Teenage Melody which consists of fourteen tracks. And, the track like Contraband, Still Cold/Pathway Private turned out to be huge success in the market. These tracks have amassed millions of play over online platform like Youtube and Soundcloud.

With the releases of music over the years, he has risen as a young rap artist. His infectious beats with blend of trap music made his the unique artist out there in rap world. In 2017, he has been busy performing on Tours, concerts, events. He has performed in several festivals and events in US, Canada, France. Since 2014, he has been garnering huge popularity with his music releases. His earning is mostly from his music releases and concert performance. In addition, he is also generating notable amount of monetary value from online platforms and advertisement.


Night Lovell Net Worth Timeline

Night Lovell Net Worth in 2015Not known
Night Lovell Net Worth in 2016$80,000
Night Lovell Net Worth in 2017$125,000



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