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Nash Grier Net Worth


Aug 22, 2023

Nash Grier Net Worth:

One of the popular Internet personalities of the United States who is popular for his online vine videos, Nash Grier has an estimated net worth of about $3 million.

Grier was born on December 28, 1997 in Greensboro, North Carolina of the United States. He was born with his birth name Hamilton Nash Grier to his father Chad Grier and his mother Elizabeth Floyd. He has 3 siblings, an older brother: Will Grier, a younger brother: Hayes Grier and a younger half-sister from his mother with her current husband John Floyd, Skylynn. Grier completed his school from the Davidson Day School and started online schooling to complete his high school education.

Nash Grier’s career as a YouTuber and Vine personality were started when the mobile app Vine was first released on the internet during his school days. This app allowed the users to post only a six second videos for others to view. So, in order to entertain his friends and classmates, he began uploading his funny and comedy videos, which began gaining a tremendous response from the viewers.

In 2013, Grier joined the touring group Magcon. It was a Meet and Greet Convention, where fans could meet and interact with internet personalities but in early 2014, he along with his few friends left the group to persue the career in acting. Grier and other members of his management have also released mobile games and social media apps including Mobile, Cash Dash, and Challenged. Similarly, he also has his own website where fans can buy his merchandise and also an Aeropostale clothing line called ‘UnitedXXVI’.

From the recent study, it has been found that, Nash has over 12.7 million Vine followers and more than 4.78 million YouTube subscribers. He is also equally popular in the social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram. As of 2017, he has over 4.8 million Twitter followers and over 9.1 million Instagram followers. In addition to that, he was named by the TIME Magazine among the 30 most influential People on the Internet in 2015 and 2016.

Nash Grier Net Worth Timeline:

Nash Grier Net Worth in 2015$1.5 million
Nash Grier Net Worth in 2016$2.2 million
Nash Grier Net Worth in 2017$3 million

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