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Naomi Scott Net Worth


Sep 10, 2023

Naomi Scott Net Worth:

Naomi Scott is an actress and singer from London, who has an estimated net worth of about $1 million. She was born on May 6, 1993 in Hounslow, London of England. Her real birth name is Naomi Grace Scott but is popular with the name Naomi Scott all over the world.

Her father name is Christopher Scott and her mother name is Usha Joshi.  She has a brother named Josh Scott. She belongs to different descent as her mother is from Indian descent and her father is from British descend. Both her parents are ministers at the Bridge Church in northeast London.

Scott is mainly known for her acting in the Disney Channel Original Movie ‘Lemonade Mouth’ as Mohini “Mo” Banjaree and as Megan in the Disney Chanel UK series ‘Life Bites’. This was the first series in her career which made her debut in the Television industry. She has also appeared as Maddy Shannon in the science fiction series called ‘Terra Nova’. Naomi held a recuriing role on season 9 of the series’ Lewis’ as Sahira Desai which ran for two years starting from the year 2015.

Naomi had a small role in the 2015 movie, ‘The 33’ starring Antonio Banderas. She also starred in the superhero movie,’Power Ranger’ as Kimberly Hart. She was even nominated for her performance in this movie for a Teen Choice Award.Recently, in 2017, she was cast in the movie ‘Princess Jasmine’ alongside Will Smith and Mena Massoud. The movie was the remake of the the movie ’Aladin’.

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Apart from acting, she is also a singer. Her musical career began from the very young age. She was a member of the Bridge Church Youth Band. She continued her music career with songwriter and producer, Xenomania. In 2011, she was featured on the single from the album ‘Lemonade Mouth’ named ‘Breakthrough’. In 2014, she released her first EP known as Invisible Division that include the single named ‘Motions’. After that, her second EP, Promises was released in 2016 which included the singles such as ‘Prayer-Luda’, ‘Fool’, ‘Lover’s Lies’ and so on.

Naomi Scott Net Worth as of 2017: $1 million.

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