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Molly Brazy Net Worth


Sep 10, 2023

molly brazy

Molly Brazy Net Worth: As of 2017, Molly Brazy net worth is estimated to be around $35,000. An American rapper, Molly Brazy initially released several freestyle rap videos on her Instagram account which eventually earned her exposure on Youtube Hip-Hop channel, 4Sho Magzine and made her eminent.

Molly Brazy, born on February 22, 1999 in Detroit, Michigan, had rough and challenging childhood as she had to face several situations like her father death and her some of family members were jailed. She was dropped out of school as of her irregularity in attending classes which eventually shifted her focus towards music. In order to support her music, she worked at saloon as hair stylist.

From 2016, she began to upload her brief freestyle rap videos on her Instagram. Her brief rap video on Instagram attracted the attention of Youtube Hip-Hop channel, 4Sho Magzine. After being featured on 4Sho Magzine, her popularity burgeoned and she unleashed several tracks including More Facts, Intro, Gang. These tracks garnered huge plays on online platforms like Soundcloud, Youtube and made her eminent as one of the rising rappers.

In 2017, she released her several singles including Outro which garnered million views on Youtube and million plays on Soundcloud. She also released her project, Molly World under 4Sho Magzine Label.  Moreover, she has been featured with several artists on several tracks in 2017. Her collaboration works with several artists includes Cuban Doll, Kash Doll, Doughboy Roc, Cash Kidd, Rocaine. Within short period of time, she garnered a lot of buzz and made her impact with her tracks.

With her raw and unpolished rapping, she has garnered a lot of buzz on online platforms like Soundcloud and Youtube from her tracks. After crafting her rapping skills in coming years, she could be achieve the success that the great female rappers have achieved. Since her popularity from her music, she has been provided with opportunities to perform on concerts, events and shows. Her music releases and concert performances has generated notable amount of earnings.Molly Brazy Net Worth in 2017: $35,000

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