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Marny Kennedy Net Worth


Sep 10, 2023

Marny Kennedy

Marny Kennedy is an Australian model, singer and an actress. She was born on 21st January, 1994 in Melbourne, Victoria of Australia. Her real birth name is Marny Elizabeth Kennedy.

Kennedy is best known for her roles of Taylor Fry in the series’ Mortified’ which was very popular among the children and teens. She even won the Australian Film Institute’s 2006 Young Actor Award for her starring role in Mortified. It was debuted on the Nine Network in the year 2006, ABC Network and The Disney Channel as well. After that, she was casted in the series ‘The Saddle Club’ where she played the role of Veronica di Angelo. This series ran successfully not only in the Australia but all over the world.

In 2009, she played the role of Amanda in the series titled Rush. Since then, she has been playing in the numerous series as the main role. She starred as Ally Henson in the TV series ‘A gURLs wURLd’ released  in the year 2010. She also played the role of Winter Frey in the TV series named Conspiracy 365. In the year 2011, Marny played the role of a teenage Cilla in the beautiful short movie Golden Girl.It was basically about the girl whose life was extremely changed after she becomes scarred by a fire.

Recently in 2017, she has been casted in two more TV series;  Hoges: The Paul Hogan Story and Janet King. She played the role of Young Noelene in the Hoges series and has been playing the role of Lucy Baldwin in Janet King.

On the other hand, Marny explored her talents as a voice-over artist for various platforms such as TV, movies, and radio. Marny offered her voice for the movie Ink. As a matter of fact, INK movie was an independent production. In this movie, Marny played the role of a best friend of Ariel Kaplan and Aisha Dee. Ultimately, the movie was a huge commercial success.

Talking about Kennedy’s personal life, she has not been found dating someone so, she is single right now. The actress is also active in the social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter. She likes to show up for fans and get along. So, she has been found frequently posting her beautiful photos with most trendy dresses in her Instagram account.

Marny Kennedy Net Worth: Not Known

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