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Maren Morris Net Worth, Awards, Boyfriend


Sep 10, 2023

Maren Morris Net Worth: As of 2017, Maren Morris net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. An American singer and songwriter, Maren Morris embarked her music career in 2005 and became eminent from her debut Extended play, Maren Morris, released in 2015.

Maren Morris, born on April 10, 1990 in Dallas, Texas, was inspired by country music, classic rock, hip-hop influenced pop. Her keen interest in music made her to learn karaoke machine and guitar.

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Her music career began at the age of 14 with the release of her debut independent album, Walk On. Her debut album garnered the attention of Smith Music Group and end up signing a record deal. Under Smith Music Group, she unleashed second album, All That It Takes in 2007. In 2011, she dropped her third album, Live Wire. All of these albums strengthen her song writing and music. Her releases and performances earned her Artist on the Verge prize at the New Music Seminar which motivated and made her more dedicated towards music and song-writing.

In 2015, she released her debut EP, Maren Morris on Spotify. Her tracks garnered million streams on Spotify with short period of time which made her eminent as an artist. Her popularity from her EP earned her a record deal with Columbia Nashville in September 2015. Her EP was re-released that year under Columbia Nashville record label. The lead single, My Church was the standout record with position of the number 27 on Billboard Country Albums Chart, number one on the Top Heat seekers chart and number 5 on Hot Country Songs.

Following her success of debut EP, her fourth album, Hero was released in 2016. Her hit single, My Church was included in this album. The album was charted at several positions on several Music Charts. This album released other two singles: 80s Mercedes and I Could Use a Love Song. Both of these songs also garnered million of plays on online platforms. In addition, these songs were charted on several Category of Billboard music charts at several positions.

Apart from her music releases, she has also been involved on song writing. She has contributed to Tim McGraw’s Last Turn Home and Kelly Clarkson’s Second Wind. With her success, she has been the part of several Tours and events. In 2016, she was the part of 2016 Ripcord World Tour and opened with Keith Urban. In 2017, she is on 2017 The Hero Tour and will join Sam Hunt’s 2017 15 in a 30 Tour.

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All of the fortune, she has garnered till date is generated from music releases and concert performances. In addition, her contribution as song writer has also garnered notable amount.

Maren Morris Awards

With the release of her debut EP in 2015, she earned name, fame and awards.  In 2016, she was nominated on several categories of CMA Awards and won the new artist of the year award for her EP. Her album and hit single, My Church earned her nomination on several categories of Grammy in 2017. Under the category of Best Country Solo Performance, she won the Grammy Awards for her single, My Church. The same year, she has also won ACM awards and Radio Disney Music Awards. With her blend of Hard country, Classic rock and Hip-Hop influenced pop, she has garnered awards and fame.

Maren Morris Boyfriend

She is engaged to her boyfriend, Ryan Hurd. Ryan Hurd is Country music singer and song writer. The couple announced via Instagram with their picture captioned with an engagement ring emoji.

Maren Morris Net Worth Timeline

Maren Morris Net Worth in 2015$200,000
Maren Morris Net Worth in 2016$1.25 million
Maren Morris Net Worth in 2017$2 million

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