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Malu Trevejo Height Weight Age Boyfriend Net Worth


Sep 7, 2023

Malu Trevejo Height Weight Age Boyfriend Net Worth and everything you need to know about her are presented here.

Let’s begin with the introduction of Malu Trevejo. Malu Trevejo is an Internet Star best known for Musical.ly account and the song Luna Llena. Besides Musical.ly and Luna Llena, Malu is famous for the pictures and videos of her Instagram account.

Before everybody started searching about Malu Trevejo or before fame, Malu was a school girl interested in singing and dancing. Thanks to her childhood hobby that has led her to become an Internet Sensation at Present.

Mallu was born on 15th of October 2002 in Cuba. She was named Maria Luisa Trevejo initially. She later called herself Malu Trevejo. Malu Trevejo currently lives in Miami Florida. She lives with her mother and a sister in Florida currently.

Malu Trevejo Height Weight Age Boyfriend Net Worth

Trevejo has made hundreds of millions of fan in a shortest period of time. Some of the highlights of her social media status are presented below.

Malu Trevejo on Instagram:

Malu Trevejo has around 4.4 Millions followers on Instagram. If you want to see her Instagram pictures and videos you can follow Malu Trevejo’s Instagram account.

Malu Trevejo on Twitter:

Malu joined twitter in the October of 2016. In a year period she has already 43.1K followers. You can follow Malu Trevejo’s Twitter Account as well.

Malu Trevejo on YouTube:

Malu created MaluTrevejoVEVO in August 29 2017. She has over 245K subscribers on YouTube. Her song Luna Llena has a 19 Million hits with in three weeks on YouTube.https://web.archive.org/web/20180310124045if_/https://www.youtube.com/embed/E-zcNpZJX78

Now let us see some of her hidden stats.

Malu Trevejo Height:

How tall is Malu Trevejo ? The answer for Malu Trevejo’s  Height is around 5 feet 7 inch or 1.7 meters as of 2017.

Malu Trevejo Weight:

Trevejo’s weight is 108 pounds or 49 kg.

Malu Trevejo Age:

Trevejo was born on October 2002. Malu Trevejo Age is 15 as of 2017. At just 15 years of age she has already became a musical inspiration.

Malu Trevejo Net Worth:

Malu Trevejo Net Worth is around 2 Million. She hasn’t revealed her net worth yet. We will update the information as soon we get updates.

Malu Trevejo Boyfriend:

Malu Trevejo hasn’t revealed about her boyfriend yet. She though had revealed a video recently in YouTube showing her closeness with a guy. The guy looks around her age and looking the video everybody can assume something is going between them. We will update the name and other information about who is Malu Trevejo dating currently.

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