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Key Glock Net Worth


Sep 7, 2023

Key Glock Net Worth: As of 2017, Key Glock net worth is estimated to be around $50,000-$100,000. An American rapper, Key Glock launched his rapping career after being signed to Paper Route Empire  and released his debut mixtape, Glock Season which eventual made him eminent.

Key Glock, born on August 3, 1997 in Memphis, Tennessee has been a recognized rapper in Memphis. His inspiration to rap came listening to music of artists: Lil wayne, Gucci Mane. He began rapping in high school and also created his unofficial crew Whole Lotta Errthang with his best friends. With this group, he was able to comprise the spirit of Memphis in his rapping and became popular in Memphis. After improving and crafting his rapping for years in Memphis, he was set to release his debut mixtape in 2017.

His cousin, Young Dolph was eminent as rapper and he was initially signed to Young Dolph after listening to his rapping. With the help of Young Dolph, he was signed to Paper Route Empire after releasing from prison for robbery charge. Under the Young Dolph support and Paper Route Empire, he released his first single, On My Soul from debut mixtape. This has crossed one million views on Youtube and has also garnered notable streams on soundcloud. His mixtape, Glock Season was released under Paper Route Empire in 2017. In recent time, his two tracks: Glock Season Intro and Dig That have been gaining a lot of buzz. With the release of several tracks and debut mixtape, he has became eminent as rapper.

His unique rapping style with cold, stark, uncompromising verses that comprises the topic about sex, guns and money differentiates him and his rapping from other artists. Moreover, his rapping includes authentic storytelling with charm, wit and switching up his flow as well as witty lyrics with solid beats. All of these elements make his music catchy and impressive which compel on his releases. His music has been released on Spotify, Soundcloud, Datpiff, Youtube. His music releases have earned him opportunities to perform on Tout, concert and events. His music release and performances have generated notable amount of earnings.Key Glock Net Worth  in 2017: $50,000-$100,000

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