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John Higgins Net Worth and Prize Money


Sep 5, 2023

John Higgins Referee

John Higgins Net Worth : One of the most successful player in the history of sport, John Higgins is a professional snooker player from Scotland and he has been playing snooker professionally since 1992. According to the various resources we have searched, John Higgins net worth is estimated to be 11 million pounds and recently he was listed in top 10 millionaires snooker player in the world. The prize money thresholds for him is $9,00,000 which is adjusted for inflation. John Higgins has won 28 ranking titles, four worlds championship and three UK championship.

John Higgins was born on May 18, 1975 in Wishaw, Scotland. He started to play snooker from the age of 12 and entered into professional career since 1992 at the age of 18. In the first season of his professional career, he reached to quarter final of British Open which is professional snooker tournament in England. John won three ranking events in one season and become the first teenage player to win three ranking events in one season. He won Grand Prix, British Open and International Open tournament in 1994/1995 season.

Before season 1994/1995, John Higgins was in 51st position in the world ranking of snooker player but at the end of the season 1994/1995, he moved to 11th position after winning three ranking events and reaching two finals in one season. And again he moved to 2nd position after winning two ranking events and reaching to one final by the end of 1995/1996 season. Higgins won first World Championship after beating defending champion Ken Doherty by 18-12 in 1998 and after winning the title of World Championship he became the number one snooker player in the world. He won second World Snooker Championship in 2007 beating Mark Selby by 18-13 in final, third WSC in 2009 beating Shaun Murphy by 18-9 in final and fourth WSC in 2011 beating Judd Trump by 18-15.

There was an allegation against him for match fixing and he was fined 75000 dollar and fined from participation for 6 months.

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