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Frank Vincent Net Worth, Wife and Cause of Death


Sep 5, 2023

Frank Vincent

Frank Vincent Net Worth: As of 2017, Frank Vincent Net Worth is estimated to be around $8 million. An American actor, director, Frank Vincent embarked his acting career from low budget movie, The Death Collector in 1976 and became prominent in acting from movie, Goodfellas and HBO TV series, The Sopranos.

Frank Vincent Movies And Tv Shows

The Italian descent, Frank Vincent was born on August 4, 1939 in North Adams, Massachusetts and raised in New Jersey. He was initially intrigued and inspired by music which made him good at playing musical instrument like drums, piano and Trumpet and began music career. His passion and dedication toward acting made him stepped into acting in 1976. That year, he was featured in the low budget movie, The Death Collector. His extraordinary acting in the movie earned him a supporting role in movie, Raging Bull. His role as gangster had been appreciated from all around and often casted on that role. And, his role in movie became prominent from the movie, Goodfellas in 1990. In his acting career, he has appeared in more than 50 movies.

After being featured in gangster role in several movies, he extended his roles from movies to TV series. He was featured in prominent role of one of the highly rated and legendry gangster TV series, The Sopranos. His performance as character, Phil Leotarde received huge accolade from critics and followers.  His eminence in acting opened the door for new opportunities. He has been featured in video games, television commercials and music videos with artists like DMX, T-Boz, Hype Williams. With his dynamic and adept acting, he has won the heart of audiences, critics and director and has become one of the greatest in acting. His acting talent had nominated him in several awards.  He won the 1999 Italian American Entertainer award and also honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Black East Picture Show.

Frank Vincent Cause of Death

Vincent suffered from heart attack in early September 2017 and was admitted in hospital in New Jersey.  On September 13, 2017, He passed away during the open heart surgery at the age of 78 but his notable working in movie remains immortal.

Frank Vincent Net Worth: $8 million

Frank Vincent Wife and Children

Frank and Kathleen Vincent

In 1960’s, he was married for the first time and with his first wife, he has two children. He divorced and married to Kathleen. With Kathleen, he has a son named Anthony Vincent who works as a stuntman. Anthony Vincent’s notable works include I Am Legend, John Wick, The Departed.

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