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Connor Franta Net Worth


Sep 4, 2023

Connor Franta Net Worth:

Connor Franta is an American YouTuber, writer, vlogger and an entrepreneur who has an estimated net worth of about $3 million. His major earning comes through his YouTube channel. He gets income from the advertisements and product endorsements on his YouTube Channel. He also earns profits from his coffee and clothing line, music label.

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Franta was born on 12th September, 1992 in Wisconsin of the United States. His real birth name is Connor Joel Franta. He is a son to Peter Franta (a physician) and Cheryl Franta (homemaker). He spend most of his childhood in La Crescent, Minnesota with his two brothers: Dustin and Brandon and one sister Nicola. When he was young, he used to be overweight and so he was admitted to a swimming class. He was good in studies and was graduated from the Saint John’s University, Minnesota with major in arts with film.

Franta professionally started his career as a YouTuber from the year 2010. Since then, he has been active in the same field. In April 24, 2010, he launched his Youtube channel named ConnorFranta. He created contents ranging from comedy skits to lifestyle blogs as well as inspirational short documentaries. This channel gained immense popularity only after the few months of its release and currently has over 5 million subscribers. In 2014, Franta posted a video named Coming Out relating to gay facts which raised his fan following even more. He is also popular in other social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram.

Connor was formerly a member of Youtube group”Our Second Life” but is now a member of the “Big Frame” network. He has been also working in other areas including on a clothing line, a coffee and lifestyle brand called Common Culture, and music curation. In April 2015, Franta released his debut book A Work in Progress. His memoir was on The New York Times Best Seller list for 16 weeks and sold more than two hundred thousand copies. It’s royalty and profit has also contributed a lot in making his net worth to $3 million.

Connor Franta Net Worth Timeline:

Connor Franta Net Worth in 2015$1 million
Connor Franta Net Worth in 2016$2.2 million
Connor Franta Net Worth in 2017$3 million

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