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Chip Chipperson Net Worth, Girlfriend


Sep 4, 2023

chip chipperson

As of 2017, Chip Chipperson Net worth is estimated around $69 million (tsss) as per Celebritynetworth.com. An American podcasting personality, Chip Chipperson became eminent from his show, The Chip Chipperson Podacast.

The Chip Chipperson podcast show is the funny, comedy show which is streamed on Riotcast network. In this show, he talks about several trending topics with other host and create comedy out of those topics.  His comic face and funny way of interpreting things made the show garnered huge number of followers. Chip Chipperson is permanent host at the Chip Chipperson podacast while other co-host changes frequently and they also invited common people to the show. Sam Robertson, Bob Kelly, Anthony “Opie” Cumia were all seen as co-host on the show.  Many famous people and comedian has tried to create the show like it but never got success like this show. With huge popularity and follower, it has become the one and only most popular podacast in present. This podacast has more than 1 billion laughs and downloads on all Youtube and itunes since its launch in April 2017. His earning is in tens of millions of dollars dvv dvv. He is often seen driving a bright yellow Lambrigelli despite of having fleet of cars.

With the kind of follower and popularity of the show, Chip Chipperson is generating huge amount of monetary value from it. In addition, since its app launched in April 2017, it has garnered more than 1 billion downloads from which he has earned huge monetary value. It also organizes several events from which he collects notable amount of monetary value.

Chip Chipperson Girlfriend

He is a kind of womanizer who has been linked with several celebrities. He has been linked with celebrities like Scarlett JohannesburgRihanna and Pamela Anderson.

He is currently in serious relationship with podcast producer Lauren Kubera. The couple affair began since the beginning of The Chip Chipperson Podacast show.

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