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Cameron Dallas Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend


Aug 27, 2023

Cameron Dallas Bio, Net Worth

As of 2017, Cameron Dallas net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. An American social media sensation, actor, Cameron Dallas initially became eminent after posting series of prank and comedy videos on Vines and later on his popularity was aided by other internet platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter.

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Cameron Dallas, born on September 8, 1994, began posting vines in late 2012. His comic and prank videos on vines garnered the attention from all around the world which ultimately make him a recognized personality in 2013. With his popularity over vines, he began to expand his comedy and prank videos on other internet platform like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube.

Over the years through his humorous, comic prank videos and other subject matter has garnered huge number of follower on these platform.  Taking about his follower on Instagram, he has more than 20.4 million followers in 2017. Moreover, he has more than 13 million follower on twitter in 2017 and 9.6 million vines follower in 2016. And over Youtube, he has two channels: Cameron Dallas with more than 5 million subscribers and more than 247 million views on his uploads and Cameron Vlogs with 564,454 subscribers and over 6 million views. His main youtube channel videos generally encompass humorous, comic topic and other variety of hot and happening topic while his vlog channel encompasses travelling and talking about spontaneous topics. From these online platforms, he has garnered huge amount of monetary value. From advertisement and promotions, he has generated huge amount of money over the years.

With her popularity over these online platforms, he has been featured in TV shows and movies. In 2014, he was featured in Awesomeness TV comedy film Expelled. In 2015, he appeared in TV series, American Odyssey as well as in two movies The Frog Kingdom, The Outfield. With his impressive following and acting, he has been featured as lead character in American reality TV series, Chasing Cameron since 2016. In addition, he has also showcased his talent in singing and released his single, She Bad in 2015. The same year, he was also featured in song, All I want. His multidimensional talent in entertainment field has earned him several nominations and awards. In 2014, he received his first award from2014 Teen Choice Awards’ Choice web: Viner. From Teen Choice Awards, he won awards in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Dallas has been one of the internet stars who have succeed in all of the fields he has stepped on. From all of these fields, he has garnered lots of assets. Initially, he has garnered huge amount of monetary value from online platform. Later on he has also amassed notable amount of fortune from TV and movie industry.

cameron dallas girlfriend

In recent time, he has been linked with several beauties around but neither of those are confirmed. Recently, he was linked with an American fashion model, Sofia Richie after he was spotted on her snapchat and Instagram stories. But later on, he clarified that there is nothing romantic link between them. He was also spotted hanging out with another model Chase Carter. And the speculation of these two in relation is nullified as Chase Carter confirmation of dating Olympic swimmer, Conor Dwyer.

Cameron Dallas Net Worth Timeline

Cameron Dallas Net Worth in 2014Not known
Cameron Dallas Net Worth in 2015$450,000
Cameron Dallas Net Worth in 2016$1 million
Cameron Dallas Net Worth in 2017$1.5 million

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