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Brennan Savage net worth, Bio, Songs and Facts


Sep 3, 2023

Brennan Savage net worth and Bio: An American rapper, Brennan Savage has been indulged in music career since 2015 and gained a lot of buzz for single, Look At Me Now released in 2017. As of 2017, Brennan Savage net worth is estimated to be around $50,000-$80,000.

Brennan Savage, born on April 7, 1996 in Long Beach, New York and was raised in Sandiego, California. He and Lil Peep met each other during their teen and both of them became good friend. They both were interested in rapping. Due to their common motives i.e rapping, they moved to Los Angeles when they were 18 years old. Since then he is completed focused on rapping career.

look at me now brennan savage

He began to release his music since late 2015. In 2016, he released three EPs: Savage, Gone For Good and Alive. These EPs were released on online platforms such as soundcloud, spotify and Youtube. In addition, these EPs have garnered notable plays on online platform. In 2017, he released the single, Look At Me Now and music video as well. This particular single garnered million views on Youtube and million plays on other online platforms. This single made his identity as aspiring and emerging rapper in the rap scene. This single is followed by another single, Afterlife which also made notable impact on Youtube. In 2017, he also has to go through the tragic moment that is death of Lil PeepLil Peep whom he considers as his best friend and brother and his death has made feel alone and low in the life. And, he has shared his feeling and tribute to his best friend, Lil Peep on his Twitter account.

In April 2017, he has released his EP, Demolition. This EP has also garnered notable attentions and play on online platforms. Following his success, he released his debut album project, Badlands in October, 2017. This project consists of nine tracks and the track, Waste of Time has already made impact on online platforms.Brennan Savage net worth in 2017: $50,000-$80,000

Brennan Savage Popular songs

His Popular tracks includes Look At Me Know, Afterlife, Bulletproof, Numb, Demolition, Its Not You Its Me, Tension, Waste Of Time

Brennan Savage Facts

Lil Peep and he have begun their rapping career at the same time. They relocated to Los Angeles when they were 18 years old.

His single, Look At Me Now is the first single to cross 1 million view mark on Youtube.

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