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Ayo & Teo Net Worth


Sep 3, 2023

Ayo & Teo

As of 2017, Ayo & Teo net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. An American rapper and Dancer, Ayo & Teo initially became eminent from their unique and spectacular dance moves over Youtube and social media .

Ayo & Teo, the siblings began dancing together since their grade school. Ayoleo Bowles (Ayo), born on born October 30, 1996 and Mateo Bowles (Teo), born on August 29, 1999 , learned dancing and inventing their moves listening to artists like Chris Brown, Usher, Michael Jackson, Missy Elliot. With their improved dance skills, they decided to upload their idiosyncratic dance mover over the Youtube in 2011. They upload the dance moves for hit and most viewed songs over Youtube channel which ultimately aided in garnering huge views over their Youtube channel. In Youtube, they have more than 980k subscriber and more than 165 million views. With that much of views, they have generated notable amount of monetary value from their Youtube Channel.

Their dance moves and popularity over Youtube channel have earned them to perform their unique dance moves in several music videos. And the notable one was that they got chance to appear for Usher’s No Limit and Chris Brown’s Party. Their popularity is extended to social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They even posted their dance moves on these social media. With help of social media platform, they achieved huge popularity and views.

ayo & teo rolex lyrics

In 2016, they expanded their career to music. They released two singles: In Reverse and Lit Right Now that year. But, their singing couldn’t attain the success their dancing has attained. In 2017, they released another single Rolex which peaked at number 20 on US Billboard Hot 100 and was certified platinum by RIAA. With the success of this single, they have step into their professional music career. This song on their vevo channel has garnered more than 100  million views.

Their earning is mainly from dance and performance but recently they are also earning from their music. Apart from this, they have been collecting good monetary value from their Youtube channel, advertisement and social media.

Ayo & Teo Net Worth Timeline

Ayo & Teo Net Worth in 2015$500,000
Ayo & Teo Net Worth in 2016$1 million
Ayo & Teo Net Worth in 2017$2 million

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