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ASAP Twelvyy Net Worth


Aug 27, 2023

ASAP Twelvyy Net Worth: Jamel Phillips also known as his stage name ASAP Twelvyy is an American rapper best known for being the member of hip-hop group ASAP Mob. As of 2017, ASAP Twelvyy net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Jamel was born on May 30, 1989 in Harlem, New York City. His nickname “Twelvyy” comes from the area code in Harlem “212”. In an interview, he said “I didn’t want to be called ASAP 212 because it don’t flow right”. His rapping career started when he met ASAP Yams in 2006 and was introduced to member ASAP Rocky at a house party in 2008.

On September 19, 2011, he featured in ASAP Rocky’s song “Trilla” with ASAP Nast. The song was hit and he was first revealed to the people by ASAP Rocky. In 2012, he started releasing his own song like “A. S.A.P Bullshit”, “12 Unleashed” and “Our World” with ASAP Nast. He was then featured on ASAP Mob’s mixtape “Lords Never Worry” in 2012. ASAP Twelvyy then released the song “Xscape” which was the second single of ASAP Mob’s debut Album “Lord”. On June 5, 2014, he was featured in third single to the album “Hella Hoes” along with ASAP Rocky, ASAP Ferg and ASAP Nast.

2014-2016 was a big year for ASAP Twelvyy as he released the song “Glock Rivers”. The song was huge success and his next song “Lord” followed by “Heaven Can Wait” was released on 2015. In 2016, Twelvyy released another single called “L.Y.B.B. (Resolution) and his next release, a freestyle version of ASAP Rocky’s “1 Train” appeared on Rocky’s debut album “Long. Live. ASAP”.

On February of 2016, he released next single “Lords Never Worry” featuring ASAP Rocky and ASAP Nast. On March 9, 2016, he released another song called “Again” with ASAP Ant. On March 30, 2016, he released another song with called “Presidents” with ASAP Rocky and Nast. On August 4, 2017, Twelvyy released his debut album titled “12”.

ASAP Twelvyy Net Worth Timeline

ASAP Twelvyy Net Worth in 2014$250,000
ASAP Twelvyy Net Worth in 2015$600,000
ASAP Twelvyy Net Worth in 2016$1.2 million
ASAP Twelvyy Net Worth in 2017$2 million

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