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Anthony Senerchia Wife Daughter Net Worth


Sep 3, 2023

Anthony Senerchia Wife , Daughter and Net Worth is available here.

Anthony Senerchia Jr also known as Anthony Senerchia is well known for being the member of the group ‘Anthony Senerchia Jr Charitable Foundation’. The foundation helps the people suffering from ALS.

ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a disease that cause the death of neurons which control voluntary muscle. It is also known as Motor Neurone Disease or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Anthony was born in 1971 March 11. He went to Pelham Memorial High School. He graduated from Manhattan College.

Anthony Senerchia died on November 25, 2017. Anthony who inspired ALS Ice Bucket Challenge died of ALS disease. Anthony was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 32. Anthony Senerchia fought the disease for 14 years before his death.

Anthony Senerchia Wife Daughter Net Worth

Anthony Senerchia WifeJeanette Hane is the wife of Anthony Senerchia. Anthony and Jeanette got married in 2003. It was just before Anthony was diagnosed with ALS.Anthony and Jeanette were honored for national health leadership at National Physician of the year award in 2015.
Anthony Senerchia DaughterAnthony  and Jeanette had a daughter in 2008. The name of their daughter is Taya Senerchia. Taya is 9 years old.In 2017, Taya attended a camp named ‘ Hope Loves Company’, a camp for the children whose parents have ALS.
Anthony Senerchia Net WorthAnthony Senerchia was a civil engineer. He worked for New York City Construction Firm. He was also the owner of SCC Construction. After diagnosed with ALS, he left his job for the Charitable foundation. Anthony Senerchia Jr Charitable foundation is reported to collect  more than  $100,000,000 so far. The Net Worth of Anthony Senerchia is still unknown.

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It was Jeanette’s cousion Chris Kenedy who first challenge Jeanette for the ice shower challenge on July 2014. Then on July 16, 2014 Jeanette posted her ice bucket challenge video after which the ALS Ice bucket challenge was viral on social medias.

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