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Amir Johnson Wife Age Height Salary Net Worth


Sep 3, 2023

Amir Johnson is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association.

Amir Jalla Johnson was born on May 1,1987 in California, USA. He grew up in South Central Los Angeles and also spent in Harbor City and Watts as a child.

amir johnson trade

Amir Johnson played basketball for Westchester High School. He got selected in Detroit Pistons and played for the team in 2005.Amir Johnson spent his 2006-2007 seasons playing for Sious Falls Sky force of the NBA development league. He earned player of the week honor during this play for Sious Falls sky force. He returned back to Detroit Pistons with the contract worth $12 million. He started his professional career from Detroit Pistons in the NBA. He played to the pistons till 2009. He then signed the contract with the Toronto Raptors on 2009 and continued to play for Toronto till 2015.He scored his highest of 32 points in a win over Los Angeles Lakers that season with Raptors. After that, Amir Johnson signed a two-year contract with Boston Celtics worth $24million.He scored four three pointers during the match against Chicago Bulls. The contract signed with Boston Celtics ended in 2017. And then he signed the contract to Philadelphia 76ers. Recently he plays for Philadelphia 76ers.

Amir Johnson Wife, Age, Height, Weight, Salary, Net Worth

Amir Johnson Wife:

Amir Johnson Wife Age Height Salary Net Worth
Amir johnson wife/girlfriend during pregnancy

Amir Johnson is in a relationship with Daria Marie Mitchell. Daria’s Instagram Account shows they have a baby as well. However, it is still unknown if they are married yet or not. It looks obvious that Daria Marie Mitchell will be Amir Johnson Wife in future.

Amir Johnson Age:

Amir Johnson was born on 1987. He is 30 years old.

Amir Johnson Height:

Amir Johnson is 6 feet 9 inches tall.

Amir Johnson Weight:

Amir Johnson weighs 240lbs. Amir Johnson Weight is 109 kg.

Amir Johnson Family:

Amir Johnson was raised by his sister Indi who is a basketball player as well.

Amir Johnson Salary:

Amir Johnson Salary is $11000000.

Amir Johnson Net Worth:

Amir Johnson Net Worth is expected to be $ 25 Million.

Amir Johnson Facts:

  • Amir Johnson’s outstanding performance on Westchester High School led him to his professional career with Detroit Pistons.
  • Amir Johnson is involved in social works and he frequently hosts school programs as well. He encourages low income youth to play games and often pays for them.

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