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Alexandra Savior Net Worth 2017


Sep 2, 2023

Alexandra Savior Net Worth :

Alexandra Savior Net Worth : An American singer and song writer, Alexandra Savior net worth is under review. But it was rumored that Alexandra Savior net worth is around $20-$25 million.

Alexandra Savior was born on June 14, 1995 in Portland, Oregon. Her full name is Alexandra Savior McDermott and she his professionally famous by Alexandra Savior. Her interested in music was revealed at the age of fourteen. Alexandra studied school level in Portland Metropolitan area. Alexandra father used to spent hours of time in dark alone listening to Pearl Jam, Otis Redding and Jimmy Hendrix’s music. Raising in such stereophile family, Alexandra loved to make her appearances like her popular artist. She wore Doc Martens and Converse which made her different than other in her high school life. Different attitude and appearance than other female student in her high school made her difficult to attend high school and changed high school. After she changed high school, she began performing on stage in new high school with her friend. Singing a Adele’s song “Someone Like You” with powerful and amazing voice on stage stunned her friends and audience who’d come to cheer her on.

Alexandra Savior had graduated from high school in June 2013. Spending one week after completion of her graduation in her home town, she moved to Los Angeles and then to London. In London she wrote a music with famous song writers who have worked with famous singers like Adele, Florence, the Machine and Duffy. In 2013, Alexandra has signed a recording deal with Columbia Records.

Alexandra become known to public when her cover song “Big Jet Plane” was uploaded on YouTube by Courtney Love which was written by famous singer and song writer Angus Stone. Courtney Love said about Alexandra that she is going to be a huge after Alexandra’s cover song “Big Jet Plane” has collected lots of popularity on YouTube. 4 Non Blondes’s lead singer and songwriter Linda Perry has also spoke about Alexandra and compared her potential to Fiona Apple.

Alexandra Savior Albums and Songs:

  1. Shades (Released on June 17, 2016)  ===> Listen 
  2. M.T.M.E (Released on September 8, 2016) ===> Listen
  3. Mystery Girl (Released on November 21, 2016) ===> Listen
  4. Mirage (Released on February 3, 2017) ===> Listen
  5. Miracle Aligner ===> Listen
  6. Everything You Have Come to Expect (Released on March 28, 2016) ===> Listen

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