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Alex Wiley Net Worth


Sep 2, 2023

Alex Wiley Net Worth

As of 2017, Alex Wiley net worth is estimated to be around $120,000. An American rapper, Alex Wiley stepped into music career with the release of a verse on Kembe X’s track Don’t Quit in 2012 which eventually  followed his EP, Can I Borrow a Dollar.

Alex Wiley, born on June 5, 1993 in Chicago, Illinois, US, was intrigued by music and musical instrument since childhood. With keen interest in music, he learned and played several instrument including Violin. His musical interest later on got him focused into hip-hop music. After joining the record imprint, The Village, he stepped into the music career as featured artist on Kembe X’s track Don’t Quit.

Following his work in Kembe X’s track, he dropped his collaboration EP, Can I Borrow a Dollar with Kembe X in 2012. This EP consists of six tracks which was the first step as rap artist in music. with positive review and appreciation of EP, he released his first mixtape, Club Wiley consisting 16  tracks  in 2013. His first mixtape has featured artists like Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, Kembe X. In 2014, he unleashed his second mixtape, Village Party. The same year, he was listed as artist to watch by The Huffington Post and was named as probable artist to break out soon by Chicago Reader, The Redeye, and Chicago Magazine.

In 2015, he released his EP, One Singular Flame Emoji with nine tracks on Soundcloud. It has garnered thousand of stream. The same year, he released third mixtape, Village Party 2: Heavans Gate with twelve tracks. In this mixtape, he has featured several artists like Sabotage, Calez, Twista, Chance the Rapper, Mike Gal, Emil. Out of all his project released till date, Village Party 2: Heavans Gate received the high critical acclaim and became the successful project with making the top 40 chart on iTunes. Following his successful mixtape, he released his fourth mixtape, Tangerine Dream in 2016 and Village Party III: Stoner Symphony in 2017.

His popularity is burgeoning year by year and project by project. His music also began to garner stream mostly in thousand and even in millions. His earning is mostly from record sales and concert performance. He has performed in several events across the country since 2013 and last year, he was spotted performing in Tour in US and Canada.

Alex Wiley Net Worth Timeline

Alex Wiley Net Worth in 2015Not Known
Alex Wiley Net Worth in 2016$85,000
Alex Wiley Net Worth in 2017$120,000

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