Nia Kay Net Worth, Bio, Boyfriend and Facts


Nia Kay Net Worth and Bio: An American rapper, Nia Kay stepped into the rapping scene in 2013 and gained popularity for her lyrical and freestyle talent on the show, The Rap Game. As of 2017, Nia Kay net worth is estimated to be around $75,000-$100,000.

Nia Kay was born on December 8, 2001 in Chicago, Illinois, United States to middle class family where her mother had a saloon and her father was a rapper. She was into music since very young age as her father and uncle were both rapper which created a musical environment around her. She even began singing at the young age. At first she sang at her mother’s saloon and then, she began to sing at the church. Her immense interest in music was supported and discovered by her parents and made her to take music classes. During her music course, she became adept at singing as well as playing Saxophone and violin.

In 2011, she uploaded her video, In My Zone on Youtube which gained a lot of buzz and making her eminent. In 2013, She even formed rapping duo named Dairy4Two along with her cousin, Trueblu. With her lyrical and freestyle on several online platforms, she gained huge popularity. She even became famous as NiaKay freestyles. In 2016, she appeared on the reality show, The Rap Game where she won the heart of both judges and fan. After her appearance in this show, she garnered huge music follower. Before releasing her album, The Duchess in 2017, she has unleashed several singles. And, the popular singles include Naw Frrl, Extra and Slick talk. She also collaborated with artists: Famous Dex, Nova, We Are Toonz, Tricey Montan, Sasha Go Hard,Queen Key and others.

From her music releases, shows and concert performances, she has generated notable amount of earnings.

Nia Kay Boyfriend

Nia Kay and Nova

She is currently dating rapper, Nova. She met him on the reality show, The Rap Game. Since then, they are sharing a beautiful and romantic bond with each other.

Nia Kay Facts

She has huge follower on social media like Instagram, Facebook andTwitter.

Her father and uncle were both rappers and they worked under the management of Two Chains.