NF (Rapper) Net Worth, Career, Girlfriend, Songs & More


Nathan John Feuerstein is an American rapper and composer who is popular by stage name NF. He is an emerging rap artist who is the likely to become rap superstar in near future.

NF Early Life

NF was born on March 30, 1991 in Gladwin, Michigan. During his childhood, he had to face the worst situations. Firstly, his parents divorced which deprived him from the love and care of both parents together at same time. Later on, his mother killed herself due to the abusive relation with her boyfriend which is another hardship happened to him. He was raised by his father alone. He studied in Gladwin High School where he was in the basketball team, With his graduation in 2009, he was focused in music. He learned, practice and perform music by going to Fine Art Festival.

NF Career

Initially, he found music as the medium to escape from the worst memory which he has faced in his life. Later on, he started recording his rap on Karaoke machine and made it as a career. He had participated in different rap competitions in order to enhance and recognize as an rap artist. His notable achievement from his participation was wining the second position in a nationwide Fine Arts Festival rap competition.

In 2010, he unleashed his debut album Moments as Nathan John Feuerstein. This impressive album earned him a recording contract with Xist Music. He recorded his EP NF which was not released at that time due to dispute between him and Xist Music. Later on, he returned to Xist Music to make a song for the compilation album which was released on August 28, 2012.  After parting from Xist Music, he worked with local producer and released the song Wake Up. This song earned his the contract with Capitol Christian Music Group. In 2014, he released his EP NF consisting six songs. This EP earned him the top position on Billboard Chart.

On March 31, 2015, he released the debut studio album Mansion. His debut album received the good critical reception from the critics. Moreover, it peaked at number 1 on US Christian Album BillBoard. His songs were featured on video game, TV series and several TV channels.

On April 22, 2016, he came with second studio album Therapy Session. This album peaked at Number 1on the iTunes rap chart for April.  From this album, he released the songs I Just Wanna Know and Real.

On September 8, 2016, he released the non album single Warm up which peaked the US Christ Chart at Number 13.On  August 1, 2017, he released the song Outro which peaked the US Christ at 17.

Apart from releasing his singles and album, he has worked as featured artist. He has work in collaboration with Flame, TobyMac, Futuristic. His unique rapping style his compared with rap superstars like LogicEminem, and Machine Gun Kelly. He is considered as next generation rap superstar.

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NF Net Worth

NF, the next generation rap superstar started his professional career since 2010. He has been signed by record label like Xist Music and Capitol Christian Music Group. With these record labels, he has released various singles and albums till date. His earning is mainly from music. He has an estimated net worth of $450,000.

NF Girlfriend

NF and Bridgette Doremus

NF is dating a fitness coach and the founder of Stripped Fitness, Bridgette Doremus since 2016.  They have been spotted together and have been posting pictures of each other on their Instagrams since then. The couple seems to be happy and compatible for one another.

NF Popular Songs

Since the start of his professional career in music, NF has been unleashing various popular songs. These songs have been listed on various music chart and have made him an eminent artist.

List of popular songs: Intro, All I Have, Real, Oh Lord, How Could You Leave Us, Warm Up, Paralyzed, Got You On My Mind, Grindin’, Notepad, Alone.