Jack Maynard Net Worth, Bio, Brother, Sister and Facts

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Jack Maynard Net Worth and Bio: A British Youtuber, Jack Maynard who worked as personal trainer created the self titled channel on Youtube in 2015 and gained a lot of buzz for his vlogs, challenges and comedy skit videos. As of 2017, Jack Maynard net worth is estimated to be around $150,000.

Jack Maynard, born on November 23, 1994 in England, is the Younger son of Gary Maynard and Helen Maynard. His older brother is famous British singer, Conor Maynard and he also has a younger sister whose name is Anna Maynard. He used to work as a personal trainer before creating his Youtube channel, Jack Maynard.

In 2015, he began to upload several videos on his Youtube channel. His contents are comedy videos, challenges, comedy skits and many other random entertainment related videos. With element of humor and scarcasm in these videos, he became eminent and garnered more than 1 million subscribers as well as  more than 105 million views for his Youtube channel. In his challenge videos, he has challenged famous Youtubers: Joe Sugg, LucyAndLydia, Jadper, Thatcher Joe and many others. He has also featured his famous brother, Connor Maynard and his sister Anna Maynard in his challenge video. All of these collaboration in his video has aided in extending his popularity, Views and Subscribers.

Due to his eminence, he was featured on the reality TV show I’ m Celebrity….Get Me Out of Here in 2017. But, he was later on dropped from show due to allegation such as racist and homophobic comments.

According to several online sources, his Youtube account earns him in between $1300 to $20,300 per month from advertisement which makes his year income in between $15,000 to 243,600. This earning also depends on how many videos he uploads and views he gets. The above estimated earning is based on a CPM of between $0.25 and $4 which is assumed for Youtube. The average Youtube rate is $2-$5 per 1000 monetized views after Youtube takes its cut. In addition, he has also earned notable amount as presenter and DJ.

Jack Maynard Net Worth in 2017: $150,000

Jack Maynard Brother and Sister

His older Brother and Younger sister are both singer. His older brother is famous British singer, Conor Maynard where as his younger sister is Anna Maynard who is cover singer.

 Jack Maynard Facts

He has been expelled from the reality TV show I’ m Celebrity….Get Me Out of Here in 2017 due to allegation of being racist and passing inappropriate comments to female fans.

He had worked as personal trainer before becoming aYoutuber.

He also has a vlogging channel on Youtube. And the channel name is JackMaynardVlogs.