IAMDDB Net Worth, Bio, Height and Facts


IAMDDB Net Worth and Bio: A British Singer, IAMDDB began to produce and release her music in 2015 on Soundcloud and gained a lot of buzz for collaboration with Flying Lotus as well as for her single, Leaned Out in 2016. As of 2018, IAMDDB net worth is estimated to be around $125,000.

Diana famously known as IAMDDB was born on March 5, 1996 in England to Portuguese mother and Angolan father.  Her father is a musician who introduced her to the music and musical instruments when she was Young. She grew up listening to her inspirational artist, John Legend. Since then, she was into in music, learning and honing her music. In 2015, she began to unleash her music through online platforms. Her collaboration with Flying Lotus on the track JAZB made her gain a lot of popularity and acclaim on online platform. This instance transformed her music career and became one of the known emerging artists in UK music scene.

In 2016, she also released her single, Leaned Out which further aided in her popularity. Moreover, she released her first EP, Waeveybby Volume 1 that year. Following her success, she released second EP, Vibe Volume 2 in 2017. The same year, she also released project album, Hoodrich Vol.3. The singles: Shade, More and Pause released in 2017 gained a lot of play on online platforms. Her music and tracks made her third on BBC Sound of 2017. She has also been part of several tours and performed in Ireland and other country.

Her singing incorporates the element of trap, Hip-hop beats and Jazz. All of these elements in her music make her unique as an artist. Her music releases and concert performances have generated a notable amount of earnings.

IAMDDB Net Worth in 2018: $125,000
IAMDDB Height is 5 feet and 4 inches (1.625 meter)


Her father and mother both are musician and both of them exposed her to music.

Her stage name, IAMDDB means I Am Diana Debrito.