Betsy Devos Net Worth, Bio, Family, Income Sources

Betsy Devos Net Worth

Betsy Devos Net Worth : An American businessman, politician, and 11th United States secretary of education, Betsy Devos net worth is estimated to be $1 billion according to the gazzetereview as of 2017. Betsy Devos was born to a very wealthiest family of Michigan and in 2016 Devos family has become the 88th richest family of America as listed by the Forbes Magazine. The main income source of Betsy Devos is business. She is a chairwoman of the Windquest Group, a private company which mainly focused and invest on latest technology, manufacturing and clean energy. Windquest group is founded by Betsy Devos and her husband Dick Devos in 1989. Betsy Devos and her husband together have lots of investment on business and they are making net income of around $50 million each year.

Betsy Devos was born on January 8, 1958 in Holland, Michigan to Elsa prince and Edgar prince, a billionaire family of Michigan. She had attended her high school level in her home town’s Holland Christian High School which is highly related to christian tradition and received Bachelor of Arts degree from Calvin College of Michigan. Betsy became active in politics and became a supporter of Republican party since college.

Betsy Devos is active in politics since 1982 after she participated in the Michigan Republican party during her college period. She served as a Republican National Committee woman for Michigan from 1992 to 1997 and as a chairman of Michigan from 1996 to 2000. She has been elected as Local representative of Michigan from the Republican party for 16 times consecutively. Betsy is actually from a republican background and her family had great contribution in every election of America for republican party. They have donated millions of dollar for the republican candidate from Michigan and for the party. According to the sources, Devos family has donation of around $17 million to the republican candidate and to the party.

After the election in 2016, president Donald Trump has announced that he would gonna nominate Betsy Devos as a secretory of Education and in February 2017, she was confirmed as Secretory of Education by the American Senate by a 50-51 margin with vice president Mike Pence. Initially, Betsy was criticized by a american teacher unions but she was praised by supporter of School Choice. She is making herself as the most ideologist, anti public education nominee after her nomination as Secretory of Education.

Betsy Devos is married to Dick Davos who is the former CEO of the Multilevel-Marketing company Amway and Betsy is the daughter in law of a billionaire co-founder of Amway company. As listed by Forbes magazine in 2017, Devos family has an estimated net worth of around $5.7 billion.

Betsy Devos Net Worth Timeline : 

 Betsy Devos Net Worth 2017  $1 Billion
 Betsy Devos Net Worth 2016  $0.8 Billion
 Betsy Devos Net Worth 2015  $95 Million
 Betsy Devos Net Worth 2014  $73 Million