03 Greedo Net Worth, Bio, Height and Facts


03 Greedo Net Worth and Bio: An American rapper, 03 Greedo started to release his music on Soundcloud in 2014 and gained a lot of buzz for his music project series: Purple Summer. As of 2018, 03 Greedo net worth is under review.

03 Greedo was born on July 26 in Los Angeles, California. He and his older brother were raised by his mother as his father died in a tragic motorcycle when he was one year old. He lived part of his life in the neighbourhood of Pasaden , Sacramento and most of his live in the City of Watts.  He attended two school: Verbum Dei and Gardena High school but he didn’t graduated from high school as he was dropped out of high school. He was a troubled child since his childhood as he was indulged in having illegal instruments such as Knife, Guns at high school and drugs.

Due to his habit of indulgence in illegal activities such as stealing, having illegal things such as guns, he was jailed at the age of 17. He was charged for having guns, stealing, robbery and many more. He started to write lyrics and improve his rapping flow while spending his time at prison for his crime. His music indulgence is dated since his young age.

After he was released from prison, he and his friend recorded their songs and released. But, his solo career began in 2014 and released his music on Soundcloud. He gained popularity after he released his music project Purple Summer &Purple Summer: Sun Don’t Shine in 2016. He has also released other two music projects: Money Changes Everything and Purple Summer 03: Purple Hearted Soldier in 2017. In addition to this two music projects, he also released his first mixtape, First Night Out in 2017 and this mixtape has gained a lot of buzz.

With these releases and personality, he is rising as a rapper. His music releases and concert performances have generated him notable amount of earnings.

03 Greedo Height is 5 feet and 7 inches (1.7018 meter)

03 Greedo Facts

He stated that he lost his virginity in the middle high school as well as dropped high school as his girlfriend was pregnant.

He is famous for his tattoo across his face and he has tattooed the phrase Living Legend.

He said that he was born crip. He also has a steel shin after being shot.

03 on his name signifies his father death at age 30 and also marks his aim to be successful artist by 30.